Horror in the nursery In one…

Horror in the nursery In one of the so-called “dysfunctional” family growing up boy Dima drank, swore, fought a Five-year Dima lived in fear, frightened of his angry screams He was afraid that one of the will cause harm to another It is often heard that the mother will leave and really, really didn’t want rarely went out with them Often mom cleaned toys in the box and forgot to get a dime any toys from there Dima was angry, bored, but learned how to get them, Not even standing on a chair to reach out to them he couldn’t once he was alone, he was very bored and wanted to play He went to the cupboard and stared to look at him, the Cabinet Door was not closed to the end and was visible fur toy Dima looked intensely, looked, looked Suddenly – again! The toy fell on the floor Dima, in surprise, bent down and grabbed her, He realized that maybe mom doesn’t like that he took the toy without asking, but believe it was just prikololsya to the door Dima looked long and intently Then looked even harder – door more opened the Boy slightly weakened look and supposedly “hurt” lying there toys Fell two Boy embraced elation, delight and so he dumped all lying there toys First started to play, but returned to the door Opened! Closed Opened-closed Then the room was flooded with eternally dissatisfied drunk mom Saw that his son made a mess, she got really shouted at him and even repeatedly struck the Boy sat in the corner and wept, He saw that the dresser is a vase, he felt anger, he wanted to push her on the floor, but the fear of forced to change her mind the next day Dima took him to kindergarten He was happy to find that in the dining room you can move the cups with compote While sitting in front of the turned away, he for twenty centimeters pushed her glass towards the at first did not seem to notice, but then looked at Dima “What you looking at?” she said the Boy understood – he’s just too closely watched her reaction In the second half of the shift Dima amused by the fact that those toys were transferred to the Cabinet, the doll of a , when she put it on, put on the chandelier, secretly chuckling These flying objects seemed to him very funny When the walked over to the chandelier, thinking how to get the doll, Dima gently “threw” it right in her hands Now, the house, the boy appeared the time before our saw, forced to fly, writing them in the air complex shapes, laughing at this, and then gently “placing” them in place steering wheel from dad’s plane came to and was now off from the “airfield” and floated in the air “like a real plane!” – admiringly thought Dima In the garden Dima was friends with one girl Deciding to tell her about my “discovery”, it is not a little agitated As if she felt that it is not necessary to do that But why, because they are friends? During quiet hours, he called the girl – IR, and IR? – That, Dim? – Sleep? – No And you? And I’m no Ira, see Dima tensely gazed fiercely in plush brown Teddy bear sitting on a chair and lifted him in the air – Ahhh! quietly gasped Ira – Catch a bear! – whispered Dima and the bear gradually to Ira – How do you do it? I don’t know! Just look and all – wow! Yeah! Now, Irina would often ask Dima something quietly to drop or move the kids ‘ stuff in the wardrobe Dima was doing and they laughed As Ira, then Ira invited him to throw out the bag a teacher in a window, hanging on the tree, he agreed, but soon succumbed to the entreaties and did When the teacher began to shout and ask who did it, the Ira was frightened and said that Dima’s Parents house threw the boy scandal, beat him, threw out all the toys and said that now he will never go, neither to walk no kindergarten Dima sat in a corner and pity howled with fear and helplessness “” – thought Dima “I Have the power! I have the power!” The boy’s face was pitiful, yet somehow strong, “Ah so!” he shouted to parents, “you’ve got it!” Dropped the TV and the carpet, were scattered the room of small items “will Get! Get over it!” – screaming little Dima and crying Between parents whistled a kitchen knife, they are showered with plates Parents opened their mouths in astonishment, Finally Dima, her lips pressed together tightly, broke a vase and was literally blown off the hinges the door to the apartment And went outside He saw a kindergarten There now was no one there Remembered Irina and teacher, He just moved the panel to the kindergarten, below, another Dima cried, tears flowed down her cheeks, and the garden collapsed like a house of designer Debris flew as toys out of the closet “Here you all!” Coming the corner of the house he saw a little girl who looked up and eyes were full of tears, Dima looked up and saw that the branches of the trees high stuck a balloon Dima slightly strained glance and ball went into the hands of the astonished girls

A witch’s curse, Tell me, how many…

Witch’s curse, Tell me, how many in the world are superstitious people who believe in various omens, predictions and curses? I think not, or at least, those who have, are reluctant to speak about it And what can you say about a generation of Soviet youth that believed in progress and Soviet ideals? The end […]

Restaurant the French restaurant is Probably the best…

restaurant French restaurant Probably the best place in our County where you can eat and have a great time just imagine: on the beach stretched a bridge, along which are multi-colored grab handles, decorated with artificial white roses, over the roof of the seagulls, and the inside plays the violin is a wonderful musical band […]

Do you have a cellar? You

… And you have a cellar? Have you ever met people who are sick? Not those who suffer a particular infection With those who are crying nuthouse? I’m working in a psychiatric hospital, I talk with patients in order to find out whether they go better In my life met and cannibals and rapists, and […]

Glasha Glasha was blessed…

Glasha Glasha was blessed to Have these people age is hard to determine can’t tell for sure how old they are thirty or forty, and can already and all the sixty Time is almost not reflected on their faces, flowing through them, But I, in my eight years, she seemed deep old woman Wrapped in […]

Irredeemable irredeemable Wonderful ruble ruble… the ruble is a Fiat

Wonderful magic rouble in the old days you could buy if Christmas night, close to midnight, to catch a completely black cat, to put him in the bag and come out with him on the road leading to the cemetery On the road or at the cemetery wants to have a magical ruble met someone […]

Hugs Anton and Genya already noted

… Hugs Anton and Genya already celebrated the first wedding anniversary Family life under a parent’s wing did not develop, and the young decided to move to a rented apartment: the lonely old woman handed the empty apartment for a very modest fee Checked Marked the occasion Remember, that I have not noticed anything suspicious […]

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