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What Is Involved in a Crime Scene Cleanup

There are many deaths that occur which are not peaceful. Murders and suicides are both violent with one inflicted by another and the other inflicted by self. When somebody dies somewhere, the place needs to be cleaned up for biohazards. Proper clean up is very important in any crime scene. Aside from blood loss, there are many things that are left by a decomposing body. Fluids are released that is a biohazard if there is a wound in a suicide or in a homicide.

Only qualified people should do a crime scene cleanup. Handling blood and matter in a crime scene has many risks and this is why not everyone can do this kind of cleanup. There is also a proper way of doing the crime scene cleanup. A decomposing body will have many fluids including blood, urine, and feces, that come of the body. Body fluids from a dead body can stain your floorboards, carpeting and furniture. Homicides or suicides often involve the use of a gun and so the victim has a gun wound somewhere. And when a gun is used, blood splatters all over the place. When blood splatters, then you need to remove the parts that have blood including your drywall, floorboards, ceiling tiles, carpeting, and furniture.

Crime scene cleanup services use special tools. In order to clearly see contaminated areas, special lighting is used. With special lighting one sees items that need to be cleaned and some that need to be restored. When cleanup and restoration is done, the contaminated materials must be transported into a nearby incineration facility. Thre should be safety in transporting materials that are to be brought to the incineration facility.

It is dangerous to clean up a crime scene with body fluids. You can catch disease like HIV, AIDS, hepatitis, MRSA, and others that come from the body fluids. This is why training is required for major crime scene cleanup service. This is to make sure that they know how to do a death cleanup and how to protect those cleaning the scene. Before employees are asked to do a real crime scene cleanup, they are made to do cleanup simulations. They are trained to wear protective gear correctly to ensure minimize exposure to blood and body decomposition debris. Vaccinations are given to crime scene cleanup workers for their own protection.

It is important to undergo training for crime scene clean up to properly clean up the crime scene and to protect yourself in the process.

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