Quiet lake in the woods Story…

Quiet lake in the woods Story I want to tell happened last summer was Friday afternoon when my friend Simon called me to go fishing We sometimes go quiet, rather remote place to be alone with nature, eat fresh fish soup made from fish Sometimes take with someone else, but then the whole event turns […]

The door to my childhood “my name is Andrew…

the Door to my childhood “my name is Andrey Stepanovich badgers, born in 1946 Retired Widower with no Children This is a letter I put in the box to You, Zinaida Ivanovna, to let you know I haven’t disappeared, I’m not dead and not crazy, I’m fine, and that I decided to enter the door […]

Evil It was night…

Evil That was the night my friend was sleeping, because she drank 8 cups of coffee, and I was afraid to sleep We chatted on the phone at 4:40, almost 5 o’clock in the morning we Usually say in such a time of serious spiritual, but today too we had fun, and all night we […]

One day in the life of collector… Work

One day in the life of a collector I Work in a furniture showroom, paint and design the kitchen In our small state there was such a man, as a circuit designer I Met with him recently, since came to this company a week ago a Male professional in his field, draws the original kitchen, […]

Same dream Here…

One and the same dream for five years Now every year I see the same dream He dreams of me in the same night — from the fourteenth to fifteenth of January, I have no idea why it is this date, and even more so — why do I feel so bad when I Wake […]

Do not make noise! It happened when I…

keep quiet! It happened when I graduated from medical school and began working in a local hospital still can’t forgive We lived in a usual five-storey building, in an apartment We are: mom, dad, me and my younger sister Ksenia, who was then eight years this day I came home from the night shift his […]

Nest Andrew sighed, buttoning his portfolio He remembered when in high school stuffed in this portfolio textbooks, notebooks and e-book, a gift from my parents, which was read on the changes Since then, it took a lot of time, so the portfolio has proved to ...Continue Reading

Mark of the Devil Say that people are born marked by the Devil himself, They become inhuman murderers and very rarely they cannot stop: they are incredibly cunning, intelligent and careful to Kill they start from childhood, their first victims are the friends and family ...Continue Reading

Eatery Told Marina , recorded and collected in the story I had the Opportunity to go on a business trip at a frantic pace: when the bosses of some urgency, tickets soon on any transport anymore, and must go immediately had to beg a friend ...Continue Reading

A number of areas of geophysical and non-copper in the Altai is extremely. Walking with the wrong evil, it is the way of the expiry of the mental energy of the planet. Especially clearly they are detected in the form of luminescence at the time of the increased activity of the sun. The fire of the world takes the fire of the sun inside his hands, causing the light of the ruby of the variable, you and big crystals of fire and balls of light. Animals have felt the power of the oasis of power and come there to get married. To grow in these areas determines the ability of the mystery of man and there is a focus on his perception of additional. For patients with depression to a state of Vlad  life, these areas brings solutions and hope for the best.


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